Yatskia Carnelian Healing Crystal Tree for Positivity Meditation Home Decor | 10-12 Inches

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  • The Carnelian Golden Wire Tree of Life is an energetic crystal tree, radiating with the vibrant energy of motivation, endurance, and leadership. The bold carnelian stones, complemented by the golden wire, represents a fusion of earthly vigor and spiritual wisdom, making this tree an emblem of courage and action.
  • This captivating crystal tree is more than just a decorative piece, as it fosters a healing and positive environment. Carnelian, known for sparking life force, encourages a sense of boldness, helps to overcome procrastination, and fuels ambition. Moreover, it provides a shielding effect against electromagnetic fields (EMF), crucial in our electronics-laden surroundings.
  • From a Feng Shui viewpoint, the Carnelian Golden Wire crystal tree is an influential tool for energizing your space and attracting prosperity. It aids in balancing and harmonizing energies, enhancing the positive energy flow. Having this tree in your living or workspace can imbue your environment with a vibrant, motivating energy, promoting a productive and dynamic atmosphere.