Tiger Eye Spiritual Reiki Sacred Geometric Set

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  1. Harness Courage and Confidence: Elevate your energy with our Tiger Eye Crystal Geometric Set, featuring 7 powerful pieces: a sphere, pyramid, cube, merkaba, dodecahedron, icosahedron, and octahedron, each crafted to instill courage, protection, and confidence.
  2. Sacred Geometry for Grounding: Immerse in the stability and grounding energy of tiger eye, carved in shapes aligned with sacred geometry to enhance focus, determination, and personal power, making it an essential tool for meditation and spiritual work.
  3. Versatile Healing Toolkit: This set serves as a powerful ally in your journey of personal development and energy healing, ideal for balancing chakras, enhancing willpower, and protecting against negative energies during meditation, reiki sessions, and beyond.
  4. Ethically Sourced Tiger Eye: Committed to ethical practices, our tiger eye crystals are responsibly sourced, ensuring that each piece not only carries the highest vibrational energy but also respects the environment and mining communities.
  5. Comprehensive Guide for All Levels: Accompanied by an insightful guide, this set is perfect for enthusiasts at any stage of their crystal journey, offering detailed descriptions of each shape's properties and uses, from beginners to advanced practitioners.