YATSKIA Seven Chakra Tree - Fengshui Gemstone Bonsai Tree - 7 Chakra Stones Crystal Decor

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  • Seven Chakra Crystal Tree - A wonderful crystal tree from the shores of Gujrat India, this crystal money tree is handcrafted & beaded with seven natural crystals. The Foundation of this money tree is crafted from wood, the trunk is made of m-seal and the branches are built from flexible silver wires. This elegant tree of life with its sober beauty is 10-12 inches in length. The good luck tree of life will not only create a space for serenity but will also enhance the home office desk decor.
  • Crystal Tree Healing Properties - This tree consists of seven different stones that are directly associated with the seven chakras. It heals and balances the flow of all the chakras. The first one is the root chakra, the second chakra is the sacral chakra, the third one is the solar plexus chakra, fourth is the heart chakra, the fifth is the throat chakra, sixth is the third eye chakra, and the seventh is the crown chakra which connects you to the universal source energy.
  • Money Tree of Life - Seven Chakra crystal money tree can be used to help you attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things. Also known as the wish-making money tree, this feng shui crystal figurine is said to grant wishes true. Crystal tree promotes positivity, confidence and helps in removing the negative energy, thus bringing good luck to the surroundings. Recommended to place on your office desk, or coffee table to attract good luck, wealth, & prosperity.
  • Seven Natural Crystals - This healing crystal tree consists of seven natural chakra healing crystals namely Amethyst, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Yellow Aventurine, and the Green Aventurine crystal stones. These chakra crystals are embedded into the wire branches of the feng shui Buddhist figurine. All-natural crystals do not come with identical form and length, so please expect a mild deviation on your feng shui bonsai tree.
  • Note - All our chakra trees are made by hand using natural crystals. We positioned every effort into delivering you the maximum efficient bonsai trees, both for gifting functions, decoration purposes, or self-use. There can be a mild deviation as this feng shui bonsai figurine is hand-crafted, because now not all-natural crystals include the identical form and length. You may get a comparable item as shown in the image.