Seven Chakra Gemstone Angel Reiki Healing

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  1. Comprehensive Chakra Alignment: The Seven Chakra Gemstone Angel, expertly crafted to a harmonious size of 2-2.5 inches approx, is uniquely designed to resonate with and balance all seven chakras. It promotes a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body, enhancing overall well-being and spiritual alignment.

  2. Encourages Emotional and Physical Healing: This angelic figurine combines the healing properties of various gemstones corresponding to each chakra, facilitating comprehensive emotional and physical healing. It aids in releasing blockages and restoring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Boosts Spiritual Awareness and Growth: The Seven Chakra Gemstone Angel is a powerful tool for enhancing spiritual awareness, growth, and connection to the divine. It encourages self-reflection, meditation, and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

  4. Promotes Positive Energy and Protection: By harmonizing the seven chakras, this gemstone angel helps to attract positive energy and dispel negativity from your aura and environment. 

  5. Ideal for Meditation and Energy Work: Perfect for use in meditation, reiki, and other energy work, the Seven Chakra Angel facilitates a deeper connection with your inner self and the universe. It's a supportive companion for anyone on their spiritual journey, seeking balance and enlightenment.