Seven Chakra Feng Shui Crystal Ball Gemstone Spheres With Stand For Meditation

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Crystal Ball With Stand - Witchcraft quartz orb is beautifully designed in India. Smooth surface of this orb ball makes it more beautiful, size of this sphere is 40-50mm approx and you will also get the stand which is enhanced with golden color.
Chakra Crystals - Seven chakra stone orb is made up of 7 beautiful stones, including red jasper, clear quartz, yellow aventurine, green aventurine, carnelian, lapis lazuli and amethyst. All chakra stone help to attract wealth, prosperity and good luck.
Crystals and Healing Stones - Seven chakra known as a purifying healing crystal that transform negative energy into positive energy. Each gemstones and crystals sphere layers are belong to different chakra. Keep crystal mini ball for spiritual awareness.
Feng Shui - Witch crystal ball can be used in the home and office to help build upon the free flow of feng shui. Crystal ball sphere placed in family areas and workplace for absorbing strains of negativity and transmuting these energies into positive energy.
Meditation Tools - Chakra protects the user from negativity. Skrying ball can be used as a power stone can infuse gemstones and crystals positive energy in all directions. Crystal Sphere can used for balancing, meditation or yoga and reiki healing.