Seven Chakra Runes Gemstone Set

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  1. Align Your Energy: Each stone in our Seven Chakra Rune Set is selected to correspond with one of the body’s seven chakras, promoting energy flow and balance.
  2. Mystical Synergy: Combining the ancient Elder Futhark runes with the healing properties of chakra stones, this set offers a powerful tool for both meditation and divination.
  3. Artisanal Beauty: Handcrafted and sized between 10-20 mm, these gemstone runes are not only a spiritual tool but also a collection of miniaturized art, perfect for enhancing any sacred space.
  4. Personalized Pathways: With 25 unique rune stones, this set invites you to a personal journey through the chakras, offering guidance and insights tailored to your spiritual needs.
  5. Sacred Connection: Each rune set is designed to create a protective aura around your spiritual practice, allowing you to explore the runes’ magic and wisdom in a harmonious environment.