Seven Chakra Crystal Tree Set with Healing Pendant

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Comprehensive Chakra Healing Set: Includes a beautifully crafted Seven Chakra Crystal Tree and a Chakra Pendant, designed to align and balance your seven chakras, enhancing your energy flow and spiritual wellness.

Hand-selected Healing Crystals: Each set features crystals chosen for their specific energy properties to correspond with each of the seven chakras, promoting healing, balance, and positive energy throughout your body and environment.

Versatile Spiritual Tool: Perfect for meditation, reiki, energy healing, and crystal therapy sessions. Use the crystal tree to harmonize the energy in your home or workspace, and wear the pendant for continuous chakra balancing and protection.

Unique, Meaningful Gift: An ideal gift for anyone interested in yoga, meditation, or spiritual growth. This set serves as a thoughtful and powerful tool for those looking to deepen their connection to their inner self and the universe.

Easy to Use & Display: The crystal tree is not only a potent spiritual healing tool but also a stunning piece of decor that enhances any room's ambiance. The accompanying pendant is both stylish and functional, ready to wear and easy to integrate into daily wellness routines.