Selenite Angelic Gemstone Sculptures Angel Figurines

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  1. High Vibrational Cleansing: The Selenite Gemstone Angel, lovingly crafted to a height of approximately 2-2.5 inches, embodies high vibrational energy that cleanses the aura and environment. It's perfect for purifying your space of negative energy and promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Spiritual Connection and Guidance: This ethereal Selenite angel facilitates the opening of higher chakras, enhancing communication with angelic realms and guides. It supports spiritual insight, offering clarity and guidance on your spiritual journey.

  3. Mental Clarity and Calm: The serene energy of Selenite promotes clarity, peace, and calm. Holding or placing this angel in your meditation space can aid in quieting the mind, making it easier to achieve deep meditative states.

  4. Protective Energy Field: Beyond its cleansing properties, Selenite also acts as a protective shield around the physical and energetic body. It helps to ward off negative influences, ensuring your energy remains pure and protected.

  5. Ideal for Energy Work and Healing: The Selenite angel is a powerful tool for energy healers, enhancing energy flow and removing blockages. It's also known for its ability to charge and cleanse other crystals, making it a valuable addition to any healing practice or crystal collection.