Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace Pink Tumble Raw Rough Pendant

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ROSE QUARTZ PENDANT - this packet includes 1 authentic natural rose quartz crystal pendant with black thread. Wearing crystal gemstones in a form of jewellery makes them easy to use and carry. Crystal pendants can be worn in daily life making the crystal.

ROSE QUARTZ - Rose Quartz Crystal is a crystal quartz stone of unconditional love, this healing stone boosts self-love and fosters the loving relationships with each other, it promotes emotional healing, helps in overcoming despair and instils calm & peacefulness to mind and body.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL NECKLACE UNIVERSAL FIT : Rose Quartz Love crystal gemstone measures 1.5 inches approx. in size while the black thread is approx. 312.59 inches in length.

FASHION, FUNCTION & HEALING CRYSTALS GIFT: Wearing healing crystal pendants helps to channelize the inner self and helps in reducing anxiety and stress. These crystals open up the mind to positive thoughts so gift this Crystal Pendant To your loved ones.