Rhodonite Crystal Pendant - Rhodonite Healing Crystals - Rhodonite Stones - Size 1-1.5 Inches

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  • This beautifully handmade rhodonite crystal pendant is approximately 1-1.5 inches in length. The gemstone necklace is wrapped up amid silver wires with a hook or loop at the top for the chain, or thread. The attractive pendant with raw and natural rhodonite crystal comes with the bliss of serenity and good luck. Handmade with love in India, the raw pendant is more than just a piece of crystal jewelry.
  • With silver wire wrapping and raw healing crystals, this elegant and beautiful pendant looks divine and can be paired with all types of everyday attires. It adds great uniqueness and complementary charms to it. The pendant necklace can be worn by both men and women, it is good to go will all kinds of casual, formal and party wears. With bold and mesmerizing style the pendant will keep up with modern jewelry trends with its elegance and healing properties.
  • A stone of compassion, which is usually associated with the heart chakra. Rhodonite grounds energy balances yin-yang and helps in achieving one’s highest potential. This pendant encourages unselfish love and forgiveness. The gemstone pendant is a zodiac Taurus birthstone. It is also said that this raw pendant dispels negative energies from the wearer and attracts good luck with positivity.
  •  This absolutely marvelous raw crystal necklace is a great addition to your everyday fashion attires. The pendant comes with the bliss of good luck as its dispels negative energetic influences of all kinds. If you are looking for a simple necklace with crystals, then this pendant may be a great choice. Overall it is a great chakra necklace, gemstone pendant, healing buddha necklace, crystal jewelry, and so on.
  • The chakra healing prosperity stone pendant is made from raw and natural crystals having their origins in India. Being raw and handmade the healing properties are the same but being natural there might be slight variation as all crystals do not come in identical form and length.