Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Tumbled Stone for Healing & Meditation

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Black Tourmaline Small Rocks - The set contains 1 lb black tourmaline rough gemstones. The size of each raw rocks is 4 to 3.5 inches approx. These beautiful looking calming rough black tourmaline crystals are comes with natural earth beauty. These crushed crystals are uncut and unpolished gemstones but broken into irregular pieces. You can use these assorted crystals for crystal tumbling, yoga, mediation and other works

Black Tourmaline Raw - They are by far the most basic form of black tourmaline as they are quarried. These are chunks of rocks that were compacted to the most natural way. It looks exactly like how they came up from the earth. The shapes are occasionally unusual, and they usually lack the lustrous glitz that tumbled pieces have. Raw stones have more pure energy because they have been untouched and unaltered.

Black tourmaline crystals - black crystals like tourmaline significant meaning due to the darkness and depth of their color. These gemstones are a symbol of strength. It can also open up the root chakra. Because black tourmaline is connected to the root chakra, it can help you to feel grounded and balanced. Tourmaline helps to create a shield around a person or room. It can heal and cleanse your aura.