Platonic Solids Crystal 7pcs Sacred Stone Reiki Geometric Stone Set

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Merkaba Crystal Geometry Set -Our handmade 7pcs platonic solid set made from natural crystals and gemstone the package includes 7pcs - 1 merkaba star, 1 icosahedron, 1 sphere, 1 dodecahedron, 1 octahedron, 1 hexahedron, and 1 tetrahedron. These beautifully handmade crystals and healing stones kit will heal you and give you positivity of life.

Hematite Crystals - stones and crystals hematite have its own healing powers that can help you to become your best in life. geometric solids made from hematite crystals can Maintaining the balance of your energies, chakras, and life. these crystals will help you to feel calm and grounded all the time and helps you to move forward in life.

Spiritual Gifts – Crystals and Gemstones are best ideal gifts that you can give to someone. You can give this healing crystals set to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, you can also give It as return gifts to your close ones this can give a charm of light and make a positive change in someone’s life