Mix Seven Chakra Crystal Orgone Pyramid for Healing & Positive Energy

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  • Orgone pyramid - this crystals and stones pyramid deflects negative forces, allowing positive energies to thrive. Placed in your environment, this powerful orgone pyramid elicits feelings of confidence and perseverance, which are key to overcoming the fear and phobias that have stopped you from pursuing opportunities for personal fulfillment and great wealth. With newfound faith and belief, you'll accept these challenges and reap the accolades and rewards for your fortitude.
  • Orgonite crystal pyramid - healing wealth pyramid is made of gemstone, copper, resin, crystal point and other specific vibrative stones which have a source of positive vibes. Our pyramid has been made of 100% natural materials a+ grade resin, triple money crystals green aventurine, red garnet and citrine, copper, sbb copper coil, quartz point crystal and designed flower of life symbol.
  • 7 chakra pyramid - nubian seven chakra pyramid is made up of natural amethyst, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, green aventurine, yellow citrine, red agate, and red jasper. Chakra energy is hailed as the crystallization of power, leadership, and courage. A wide variety of natural crystals from around the world, perfect for reiki healing, yoga meditation, and positive energy flow. Surround yourself with our spiritual pyramid that keeps you in peace, and in perfect harmony with nature.