Lapis Lazuli Crystal Jewelry Chakra Stone Pencil Pendant Necklace Gifts

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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendant - this packet includes 1 authentic natural Lapis Lazuli crystal pendant with black thread. gemstone Pendant measures 1.5 inches approx. in size while the black thread is approx. 312.59 inches in length.

Exquisite lapis lazuli pendant - this pendant is handcrafted from natural lapis lazuli stone, known for its deep blue color and gold flecks that symbolize wisdom and truth.

Spiritual lapis lazuli necklace - lapis lazuli is believed to promote spiritual growth and self-awareness, making this pendant an excellent tool for meditation and personal development.

Stylish lapis lazuli jewelry - with its elegant design and unique stone, this pendant is a fashionable addition to any jewelry collection. Wear it to elevate your look and channel its powerful energy.