Hematite Crystal Angels Spiritual Guardian Gemstone Figures

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  1. Grounding and Stability: The Hematite Gemstone Angel, sized 2-2.5 inches, is a powerful grounding stone that anchors you to the present moment. It promotes stability, making it ideal for those feeling scattered or overwhelmed.

  2. Protection from Negative Energies: With its reflective surface, Hematite acts as a shield against negative energies, including electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). It forms a protective barrier around the aura, keeping you safe and centered.

  3. Enhances Focus and Concentration: Hematite's magnetic energy helps improve mental clarity, concentration, and focus. Whether you're studying, working, or meditating, this gemstone angel enhances your productivity and sharpens your mind.

  4. Energizes and Revitalizes: Despite its dark appearance, Hematite is energizing and revitalizing. It boosts physical vitality, making it beneficial for those recovering from illness or experiencing fatigue.

  5. Balances the Root Chakra: Hematite resonates strongly with the Root Chakra, aligning and balancing its energy. By grounding you to the Earth's energy, it instills a sense of security, courage, and inner strength.