Healing Crystal Orgone Pyramid with Sri Yantra Symbol For Positive Energy

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  • Amplified Protection: The combination of black tourmaline and tiger eye in the Orgonite Pyramid with the Sri Yantra symbol creates a unique protective shield that guards against negative energies, EMF radiation, and psychic attacks.
  • Elevated Grounding: Unlike traditional grounding stones, the tiger eye in this pyramid provides a deep and stable connection to the earth, enhancing stability and grounding energy within the space.
  • Spiritual Amplification: The presence of the Sri Yantra symbol elevates the spiritual properties of the pyramid, facilitating a heightened spiritual connection, enhanced intuition, and profound meditation experiences.
  • Manifestation Support: Through the sacred geometry of the Sri Yantra symbol, this pyramid assists in manifestation endeavors by aligning with the universal energy flow and amplifying intentions for abundance, success, and spiritual growth.
  • Balanced Energies: The harmonious blend of black tourmaline and tiger eye, combined with the Sri Yantra symbol, promotes a balanced energy flow within the environment, fostering a sense of calmness, harmony, and well-being for all occupants.