Green Jade Set Rune - Elder Futhark Rune Set - Dark Magic Stone

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  1. Elder Futhark Rune Set - Rune stones set of 25 stones, including 24 stones with engraved runic alphabet by gold lettering and one blank stone.

  2. Rune Crystal - Rune stones available through natures energies. All rune symbols have been hand engraved onto each of the crystals as shown. It's ideal for personal use you can grab a rune stone when you are in the meditation. Also perfect as a gift.

  3. Crystals Healing Stones - Green jade is a stone for healing the heart, promoting well-being and balance. Green jade helps one's dreams and increases one's life forces.

  4. Crystal Runes Set- 25 pcs polished engraved elder futhark alphabet magic lettering crystal for meditation divination healing chakra.