Green Jade Heart Chakra Tree for Calming and Soothing

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Embrace Prosperity: Green Jade Gemstone Tree


  • Natural Elegance: Delicately sculpted to mimic the organic beauty of a tree Size: 10-12 Inch, our crystal tree showcases a captivating arrangement of lush green jade gemstones, each radiating with vibrant energy and luminous charm.

  • Prosperity Symbol: Green jade has long been revered as a stone of prosperity and good fortune. Display this crystal tree in your home or office to attract wealth, success, and abundance into your life.

  • Heart-Centered Healing: Green jade resonates with the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance, compassion, and harmony. Let the soothing energy of this crystal tree nurture your heart and awaken feelings of love, gratitude, and inner peace.

  • Energetic Renewal: Bask in the revitalizing energy of green jade as it infuses your space with a sense of vitality and renewal. Experience a profound sense of rejuvenation as the tree's healing vibrations uplift your spirit and replenish your energy.

  • Versatile Décor: Whether displayed on a tabletop, mantelpiece, or meditation altar, our Green Jade Crystal Tree adds a touch of natural elegance to any environment. Use it as a focal point for meditation, manifestation, or simply as a beautiful reminder to embrace the abundance and blessings that surround you.