Green Jade Runes Stone For Meditation

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  1. Harmony and Prosperity: Each stone in our Green Jade Rune Set is imbued with the energy of abundance and harmony, offering a serene backdrop to your rune readings and spiritual practices.
  2. Ancient Wisdom Meets Natural Beauty: Carved with the sacred Elder Futhark symbols, these 10-20 mm handcrafted jade stones bridge the gap between ancient Norse traditions and the timeless allure of nature.
  3. A Touch of Tranquility: Known for its calming properties, green jade is the perfect companion for meditation, helping to ease the mind and open the heart to guidance and insight.
  4. Crafted with Intention: Our artisans take great care in engraving each rune, ensuring that the natural beauty of the jade enhances the mystical power of the symbols.
  5. Protective Energy: Beyond divination, these green jade runes serve as protective talismans, shielding the bearer from negative energy and fostering a space of peace and safety.