Green Aventurine Pendant - Aventurine Pendants - Green Aventurine Stone - Size 1-1.5 Inches

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  •  This handmade crystal necklace pendant is approximately 1-1.5 inches in length. The gemstone necklace is wrapped up amidst silver wires with a hook or loop at the top for the chain, or thread. The attractive pendant with raw and natural green aventurine crystals comes with the bliss of serenity and good luck. Handmade with love in India, the tiger eye raw pendant is more than just a piece of crystal jewelry.
  • The magnificent pendant with its charming raw crystal looks beautiful on its own for its simple and sober beauty. With all outfits, it can be easily paired on all types of occasions. It provides an elegant style and looks great with all kinds of casual, formal, and party attires. Overall it is a great crystal jewelry accessory.
  • This beautiful green gem promotes self-love, peace, compassion, well-being, and calmness to the wearer. Also known as "The Stone Of Opportunity" the green aventurine crystal is usually associated with the Heart Chakra(Anahata). It is said that the pendant dissolves negative disturbances, ideas and helps you to attract good luck and positive energies.
  •  Gemstone raw pendant draws off any kinds of negative energies from the wearer and converts them into positive energies. It also attracts good luck, wealth, and success to the wearer. The chakra necklaces also enhance self-confidence, motivation, abundance, prosperity, and self-expression.
  • Being handmade with natural crystals this gemstone pendant is most suitable for gifting. If you want to motivate or inspire one then this crystal pendant might be the appropriate fit for that purpose. You may gift this stone pendant to your friends, loved ones on any occasion. It is a great spiritual gift, crystal gift, spiritual gifts for women, good luck gift, office gifts, positive energy gift, etc.