Clear Quartz Sacred Stone Angels Reiki Crystals

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  1. Master Healer and Amplifier: The Clear Quartz Gemstone Angel, precisely carved to 2-2.5 inches, is revered as the "Master Healer," capable of amplifying the healing vibrations of other crystals and enhancing one's intention in any spiritual or healing practice.

  2. Crown Chakra Enlightenment: This exquisite Clear Quartz angel aligns with the Crown Chakra, promoting spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness, and a deep connection to the universe. It aids in clearing mental blocks and expanding spiritual awareness.

  3. Energy Purification and Clarity: Known for its purity and high vibrational energy, Clear Quartz dispels negativity from both the environment and within, leading to enhanced clarity of thought, greater focus, and a balanced state of being.

  4. Manifestation and Intention Setting: Utilizing the Clear Quartz angel in meditation or spiritual rituals can magnify your intentions, helping to manifest your desires and goals into reality by focusing your mind and energy on your aspirations.

  5. Versatile Spiritual Tool: This handcrafted Clear Quartz angel is a versatile tool for any spiritual practice, including energy healing, chakra balancing, meditation, or as a decorative piece that radiates positive energy throughout your space.