Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Necklace for Women Men

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CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL PENDANT - this packet includes 1 authentic natural CLEAR QUARTZ crystal pendant with black thread. Wearing crystal gemstones in a form of jewellery makes them easy to use and carry. Crystal pendants can be worn in daily life making the crystal.

Master healer & amplifier: clear quartz crystal pendant, known as the "Master healer," amplifies energy and intention, making it a versatile addition to any crystal collection. Key features include energy amplification, chakra balancing, and spiritual growth.

Enhance clarity & focus: this beautiful clear quartz pendant aids in clearing the mind, improving concentration, and promoting mental clarity, making it an ideal companion for students, professionals, and meditation practitioners alike.

Exceptional quality & handcrafted: our expertly crafted clear quartz crystal pendant is made from ethically sourced, high-grade gemstones, ensuring a unique and powerful piece. A must-have for crystal enthusiasts and those seeking to elevate their spiritual journey.