Clear Quartz Magic Runas Rune Set

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  1. Pure Clarity: Dive into the depths of your intuition with our Clear Quartz Rune Set, each 10-20 mm stone a beacon of clarity and insight for your spiritual journey.
  2. Eternal Wisdom: Engraved with the ancient Elder Futhark symbols, these handcrafted quartz runes serve as timeless guides, connecting you to the wisdom of the ages.
  3. Crystal Clear Meditation: Let the transparent beauty of clear quartz amplify your meditation practice, facilitating deep relaxation and enhancing your ability to receive divine guidance.
  4. Crafted with Care: Our skilled artisans ensure that each rune is meticulously crafted, honoring the natural purity and powerful energy of clear quartz in every stroke.
  5. Guardian of Light: Beyond divination, clear quartz is renowned for its protective properties, creating a shield of light around your spiritual practice and illuminating your path to enlightenment.