Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone Bowl Crystals Kitchen Decor Decorative Bowl

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Size: 2 cm approx diameter x 1.75 cm depth ?? Hand Crafted Very Small Bowl for reiki Atar and home decoration collection and for Good Energy Filter,Help to maintain good health,transform life Clear's negative energy,improve abilities

This Attractive Feng Shui Natural Gemstone Bowl Size: 2 Inch Handmade in INDIA with hard work artisan. This Bowl matte finish and carved nice and deeply, It helps concentration and memory, cleans the emotional aspects, spreads compassion and potentiates cosmic energy.

The vibration of this stone brings you strength and courage, and will help to lessen fear and stress and may aid you to attract nature spirits.It has balanced enduring energy and grounding ability, that embodies sound metaphysical properties that are known to aid abundance and prosperity and stimulate creativity.