Clear Quartz Gem Ball Sphere

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  1. Pristine Clarity: Our Clear Quartz Crystal Ball, perfectly sized at 20-30 mm and weighing approximately 250 grams, is a paragon of purity and clarity, enhancing any Crystal Ball Decor with its luminous presence.

  2. Universal Energy: Touted as the 'Master Healer,' Clear Quartz is a quintessential Energy Healing Crystal. It amplifies energy and thought, making it a powerful Meditation Crystal Ball and a central piece in any Energy Work Crystals collection.

  3. Spiritual Amplifier: Ideal for spiritual development, this Clear Quartz Crystal Ball acts as a Spiritual Crystal, intensifying energy and intention for a profound Grounding Crystal Ball experience.

  4. Elegant Decor: The beauty of our Natural Crystal Balls lies in their versatility. The Clear Quartz Crystal Ball is not only a Decorative Crystal Sphere but also a symbol of Feng Shui Crystal Ball philosophy, attracting harmony and balance.

  5. Gift of Light: Bestow the gift of crystal-clear intention with this Clear Quartz Crystal Ball. It's an exemplary Crystal Ball Gift for those who value purity and seek to expand their Gemstone Ball Collection.