Bloodstone Raw Stones Natural Gemstone 1/2 lb

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  1. Revitalizing Energy and Endurance: Invigorate your life with our 1/2 lb Bloodstone Rough Stones, known for their potent revitalizing energy. These stones are traditionally used to increase endurance and promote vitality in daily activities.

  2. Courage and Strength Booster: Bloodstone is celebrated for bolstering courage and strength. It's an excellent motivator, helping to overcome challenges and obstacles with resilience and determination.

  3. Purification and Detoxification: These powerful rough stones are also revered for their purification properties, aiding in detoxifying the body and aligning your energy systems, promoting overall health and well-being.

  4. Spiritual Grounding and Protection: With its deep green hues flecked with red spots, Bloodstone offers grounding and protective qualities, creating a shield against negative environmental energies while fostering a sense of security and safety.

  5. Ethically Sourced for Conscious Collecting: Our Bloodstone rough stones are responsibly mined and ethically sourced. By choosing our stones, you support sustainable practices that respect both the earth and its inhabitants.