Black Tourmaline Gemstone Spheres Crystal Orb as Feng Shui Ball

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Ball sculpture - Crystal mini ball is a beautifully round shape with hand polished by our Indian craftsperson. This crystal sphere ball sculpture comes with golden polished metal stand is 40 -50 mm approx in size.
Healing Crystal - Black Tourmaline crystal is known as the symbol of strength. Black crystal is considered one of the best chakra stones for shielding against negative energy, it helps to eliminate negative energy of all forms and has a strong purifying effect.
Crystal Ball - Crystal orb ball is really powerful and it will generate positive energy. Using crystal sphere ball and adding them to your witchcraft decor for brings good luck. Black orb will transform dense energy into a positive energy and spiritual.
Crystal Decor - Crystal ball makes a great table decor to add to your witchy halloween decorations to place on tables, bookshelves, or fireplace place along with your other healing stones, also suitable for office and home decor and crystal collecting.
Ornaments Gifts - Crystal ball sphere ornament can be a perfect gifts for everyone. Black gemstones and crystals helps heal the spiritual stability and positivity. It can banish negative energies to help energize the everyday routine of the receiver of this gift.