Black Tourmaline Elder Futhark Rune Set

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  1. Illuminating Insight: Our Opalite Rune Set, with its enchanting play of light, offers a luminous pathway to self-discovery and enlightenment, perfect for those seeking clarity and inspiration.
  2. Ethereal Connection: Each of the 25 runes, sized between 10-20 mm, is handcrafted from opalite, a stone known for its ability to enhance communication with the spiritual realm and encourage emotional balance.
  3. A Beacon of Peace: Dive into meditation with these mystical stones, allowing their gentle energy to soothe your aura and bring a sense of tranquility to your spiritual practice.
  4. Artisanal Mastery: The Elder Futhark symbols are meticulously engraved on each stone, offering a sacred tool that blends the art of ancient rune reading with the serene beauty of opalite.
  5. Pathway to Transformation: Beyond divination, this opalite rune set acts as a transformative guide, assisting in navigating life's transitions with grace and aiding in the pursuit of inner peace and understanding.