Yatskia Black Tourmaline Crystal - Black Crystal Tree - Crystals and Gemstones - Good Luck Gifts

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  • Black Tourmaline Bonsai Tree - This reiki chakra healing tree is beautifully handcrafted with black tourmaline gemstone chips, the base of this crystal chakra tree is made up of wood. The middle portion of this prosperity tree is made of m-seal, branches of the prosperity tree are made by silver wire. The gemstone crystals are embedded into the wire, as the wire is foldable, so you can change the look of your chakra tree. This prosperity tree is approx 10-12 inches
  • Feng Shui Properties - Black tourmaline crystal divine tree in feng shui is known for its healing and grounding properties. The buddha prosperity tree is recommended to place on the right side of the living space to heal love. For wisdom and knowledge, it is recommended to place the buddha tree in the left direction of your office or home.
  • Bonsai Tree Properties - The chakra healing stones in this tree are strong positive energy healing crystals and stones that will purify the area where they are located. This buddha tree can be placed nearby while yoga or can be placed in the office or home. This energy generator tree grounds your energies to the earth, cleanses your aura helps in getting rid of the negative idea, and releases unworthiness
  • Reiki Chakra Healing - The black tourmaline crystals present on this prosperity tree are associated with the root chakra. It can turn dense energy into light, also helps in chakra balancing. This prosperity tree is also known as the good luck money tree, following the feng shui, this bonsai tree can bring good luck, good fortune, wealth, and money is placed on some specific areas of your house, office, or other properties
  • Crystal Home Decor - The black color of this aura crystal fills any environment with royalty. The shining crystal chakra tree is an elegant room décor item, place it on the shelf, or the wall. Can also be used as a housewarming good luck charm item. This bonsai tree can do it all. Filled with chakra healing properties the buddha tree also makes itself a perfect gifting item for spiritual persons, crystal decor, feng shui decor, handmade gifts, etc.