Aquamarine Raw Rough Crystals 1/2 lb

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  1. Tranquility and Clarity: Our 1/2 lb Aquamarine Rough Stones are the essence of oceanic tranquility. These gems promote clarity of mind, soothing fears, and encouraging a calming presence, akin to gentle sea waves.

  2. Throat Chakra Communication: Aquamarine is known as the stone of courage and communication, resonating with the throat chakra. It assists in clear expression and aids in speaking one's truth with confidence and articulation.

  3. Support for Deep Meditation: The serene energy of Aquamarine makes it an excellent aid for deep meditation practices. It's believed to enhance intuitive abilities and bring inner peace, making it ideal for spiritual seekers.

  4. Raw Beauty for Jewelry and Decor: With their soft blue hues, these rough stones are perfect for creating unique, meaningful jewelry pieces or adding a touch of natural elegance to any decor, embodying the purity of natural elements.

  5. Ethically Harvested with Integrity: We are dedicated to providing ethically sourced Aquamarine stones, ensuring that each piece is harvested with environmentally conscious methods and fair labor practices, aligning with the high vibrational energy of the stone.