Amzonite Crystal Tree of Life for Healing and Meditation Raw Amzonite

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Amazonite Rough Healing Crystals Kit - This rough crystal pack contains 1/2 lb raw or rough amazonite gemstones, which are about 2 to 3.5 inches in size, you will get different natural shapes of rough stones. These raw crystals are handpicked from the earth these gemstones are truly natural. We made these rough gem stones by breaking large gem stones into pieces. Amazonite color can range from pale green to dark green and blue-green.

Crystals and stones metaphysical properties: raw crystals stones combine the unique properties of each and every mineral type that is included. This makes it an incredibly well-rounded combination of metaphysical energies that are positively uplifting and can benefit you in many different spiritual ways.

Amazonite metaphysical properties - amazonite is believed to have many metaphysical powers. Amazonite stones are also thought to have tremendous healing abilities. Amazonite is associated with money, luck and overall success. It encouraging good luck and fortune.This stone is associated with the throat and heart chakras.