Amethyst Sphere Feng Shui Crystal Ball With Stand & Scrying Ball

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Crystal Sphere - This quartz ball is beautifully handcrafted with amethyst crystal with metal stand in India. Size of this stone orb is 40-50 mm approx. You will get one crystal ball with stand. The purple crystal sphere ball help to keep you focus towards your goals.
Fortune Teller Crystal Ball - The skrying ball is made of flawless natural healing crystal stones placed on top of a metal stand that will surely add a touch of elegance anywhere you place this crystal orb. Placing an amethyst stone orb in your work space can help with creativity.
Amethyst Crystals - The amethyst crystals and healing stones is one of the most powerful healing crystal. The gem's purple colors represented purity of spirit. Its purplish and reddish hues represented the chastening and purifying effects of suffering.
Feng Shui - Witch crystal ball can be used in the home to help build upon the free flow of feng shui. Crystal ball sphere is a beautiful chakra balancing tool, it can be placed in family areas for absorbing strains of negativity and transmuting these energies into positive energy.
Crystal Gifts - Amethyst is linked to the birth month of February. This purple hued gem makes an excellent gift for anyone born during this month. Also a unique spiritual gifts for spiritual person, crystal beginners and gemstones and crystals lover.