Amethyst Rune Stones - Elder Futhark Rune - Crystal Runes Set

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  1. Elder Futhark Runes - The engraving on these stones is the ancient elder futhark runes and can be used , witchcraft crystals viking rune river stones reiki crystals gemstones crystals occult decor pagan decor wiccan jewellery which are the oldest known runic alphabet. 

  2. Divination Tool - Rune stones available through natures energies. All rune symbols have been hand engraved onto each of the crystals as shown.The engraving on these stones are the ancient elder futhark runes, which are the oldest known runic alphabet.
  3. Amethyst Crystal - Amethyst balancing the crown chakra, it can be used in different ways to experience the powerful benefits, it has healing powers that help heal balance the chakra, amethyst is the first spiritual stone, providing purifying, healing, and protective energies to help clear, open, and balance the crown chakra.

  4. Crystal Pendulum - for divination, dowsing, mediation, reiki ,reiki healing, also good for wearers wanting to balance, cleanse their chakra and to facilitate wise decision making; for desk decoration, home ornament, wicca.