Amethyst Rune Stone Set

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  1. Discover the Mystical: Delve into the ancient world of divination with our handcrafted Amethyst Rune Stone Set, perfect for meditation and guidance.
  2. Authentic Elder Futhark Runes: Embrace the full spectrum of Elder Futhark symbols, each deeply engraved on gemstones measuring 10-20mm for clarity and energy work.
  3. Healing Energy: Utilize the natural healing properties of amethyst with a set of 25 crystal rune stones, designed to align your chakras and offer protective energies.
  4. Spiritual Enlightenment: Enhance your spiritual practice with these Norse rune stones, ideal for rune reading, magic rituals, or as a meaningful addition to your crystal collection.
  5. Tailored for You: Each rune stone set is unique, with variations in color and size, offering a personal touch to your spiritual journey and making it a perfect gift for loved ones.