Amethyst Crystal Orgone Pyramid for Healing & Positivity

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  • Energy Harmonizer: The Amethyst Crystal Orgone Pyramid with Copper Flakes is an exceptional orgonite tool designed to harmonize and balance energy fields. It promotes healing and wellness by transmuting negative energies into positive ones.
  • Powerful Amethyst Crystal: Featuring amethyst, a crystal renowned for its soothing and spiritual properties, this pyramid aids in enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness. The stone's energy, coupled with the pyramid's orgone abilities, provides a deeply calming and enlightening experience.
  • Enriched with Copper Flakes: Infused with copper flakes, this orgone pyramid not only elevates its aesthetic appeal but also amplifies its energy transmutation capabilities. Copper is a conductor, enhancing the pyramid's ability to draw in and transform ambient energy, making it a potent stone energy distributor.