Amazonite Wholesale Reiki Rough Stones 1/2 lb

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  1. Soothing Energy and Stress Relief: Engage with the tranquil energy of our 1/2 lb Amazonite Rough Stones, known as the "hope stone," offering soothing vibes that dispel stress and encourage the release of emotional trauma for a calmer spirit.

  2. Throat and Heart Chakra Alignment: Each piece of raw Amazonite promotes alignment and healing of the throat and heart chakras, enhancing loving communication and fostering the courage to express one’s true thoughts and feelings with compassion.

  3. Manifestation of Universal Love: Amazonite's energy is also known for its ability to attract universal love and support manifestation, assisting those who seek to turn their hopes into reality and to live in alignment with their deepest desires.

  4. Natural and Untreated Stones for Collectors: Ideal for natural gemstone collectors and enthusiasts, these raw Amazonite stones offer unpolished beauty and potent energy, perfect for those who appreciate stones in their most natural state.

  5. Ethically Sourced for Sustainable Practices: We ensure our Amazonite stones are ethically sourced, providing you with high-quality, sustainable crystals. These rough stones are perfect for those who prioritize environmental responsibility alongside their spiritual practice.