7 Chakra Healing Crystal Kit Set Crystals Collection for Home Décor

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Healing crystals set - healing crystal set includes tumbled pocket chakra stones set amethyst, Rose quartz, red jasper, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, clear quartz and green aventurine (7pcs) size 1.5 to 2inchs and tree of life pendant. Crystal materials used in healing crystals come from nature to give natural positive energy.

Stones and crystals - healing crystal set chakra stones can help you become your clearest, brightest, most inspired and grounded self. Which have powerful energy crystals, suitable for enhancing meditation tools and with the function of help the physical and mental healing.

Meditation tools - spiritual things healing stone has a spirituality that emits positive energy to align and purify your. Energy crystals gem stones are perfect for meditation accessories, healing crystal, yoga, reiki, spiritual practices and also make perfect decorative artwork for the home or office.