1lb Raw Amethyst Crystals - Amethyst Rock Decor - Crystal Gift Items

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  •  Approx 1 pound/460 grams rough loose stones with varies shapes and sizes. The raw stones are 0.5''-1'' in size approximately. Quantity: 1 pack. 
  • Amethyst standing for spirit and high-level love, is the birth stone of february. It can be used as fa kind of sentiment and token to the admirers. Amethyst is also known as amulet, which usually drives away evil spirits, enhances personal luck, and promotes intelligence, improves intuition and gives courage and strength.
  • These rough amethyst stones can be used in tumbling, decoration, jewelry making and more. Beautiful collection of crystals bulk. Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual. Can also be used in conjunction with any healing crystals set.
  • These rough stones are good for indoor decoration, bottling, photo frame, fountain garden, water flow stone, plant flower pot decoration. It can be installed in a beautiful container. it can be placed next to a tv, a computer or a microwave.
  • They are not drilled in irregular shape. They are good material for tumbling, cabbing and jewelry makings. Such as wrapped, punching, inlay, to design the unique jewelry for yourself and your friends.