1 Lb Raw Tiger Eye Stone - Raw Crystal Set - Rough Tigers Eye - Crystal Gift

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  • Raw tiger eye stones are rough stones of the mineral, with a rough surface and characteristic bands of gold and brown.
  • The tiger eye natural rough stones, weight is 1 lb approx. Usually they in the forms of uncut un-shaped gemstone of gems, is called 'rough". Rough gemstones are typically crystalline structures that when cut and polished, sparkle and shine. It can be found while mining and is used in engineering and jewel crafting, most representable energy patterns stones.
  • Raw healing crystals and stones can be used in meditation, energy healing, or carried as a talisman for their purported properties.
  • A crystal gift set featuring a variety of rough stones can make a thoughtful and meaningful present for someone interested in spirituality or holistic wellness.
  • Rough cut stones, like tiger eye, can also be used to create unique and eye-catching crystal decor pieces for the home or workplace.