1 Lb Mossagate Raw Crystal - Unpolished - Healing Crystals - Crystal Gift

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On average the sizes of our stones are between 1" to 1.75", please note, this is just an average and may differ in your bag. These healing crystals and natural stones are alive with wonderfully positive energies.

Moss Agate is a cleansing crystal, useful for clearing personal energy systems as well as environmental. It is a stone of wealth/attracting abundance. It removes the fears/doubts/self-esteem issues.

We can use these raw crystals for jewelry making (cabbing, tumbling, wire wrapping etc.), chakra balancing & crystal healing for spiritual purposes, home or garden display & decoration like feng shui, and much more. Can also be used in conjunction with any healing crystals set.

It is a stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold. Inspires new ideals after periods of stagnation. Moss Agate promotes self-expression and communication. Encourages trust and hope.

Natural crystal and stone have the energy from nature, crystal point can better concentrate the energy in the top part, is used to heal, adjust the best tool of the spirit. Reiki energy to further enhance the natural healing properties of the gemstones used.