Experience a Successful November with Citrine

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Each month has an orgonite crystal associated with it. Wearing or purchasing the respective orgonite crystals will help in reaping its many benefits. The crystals can also be worn by people who are born in those months.

One of the orgonite crystals associated with the November month is Citrine. Citrine is one of the most popular orgonite crystals that can boast of many healing and metaphysical properties. The stone is used in orgonite and orgone energy generating devices like orgonite pyramids, gemstone tree, and others.

Citrine is a quartz stone that appears in a yellow hue. Citrine stone helps in healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra, which is the second chakra in the body. The stone is also known as the ‘Light Maker’. Citrine has been used widely since ancient times and its popularity was down to the fact that it was a rare gem. Citrine was also used as a stone of jewelry. Citrine orgonite pyramids and other devices help in healing the chakras and providing you with many benefits.

One of the most popular properties of Citrine is that it helps in attracting success and prosperity into your life. If you wish for success in business and in your profession, orgonite pyramids or gemstone tree made from Citrine are the ones that you need with you. You can place them in your room or office for its many benefits. With Citrine you can attract wealth in your life.

As mentioned above, Citrine helps in healing and balancing the Sacral chakra. The Sacral Chakra is also known as Svadhisthana. The Sacral Chakra is the center of your emotions of passion and pleasure. It is the second of the chakras and is located in the pelvic region. All emotions and feelings like sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, connection, and others originate from this chakra point.

If you are feeling low in self-esteem, Citrine is the stone to turn to. The stone helps in promoting self-esteem and instilling self-confidence in you. Being near Citrine crystal devices helps in building confidence in you so that you can take up any challenges and clear all obstacles.

Citrine also helps in motivating you and encouraging self-expression. It also helps in activating creativity in your mind. It aids in improving concentration and energizing the mind. Citrine gemstone orgonite pyramids and gemstone tree helps in balancing your emotions. Orgone energy devices made from Citrine helps in ensuring holistic health.

These are some of the many benefits of Citrine gemstone. Citrine orgonite devices are highly sought after for its many wonderful healing properties. At Orgonite Crystals, you can find many amazing orgone energy generating devices made of Citrine orgonite crystal. Some of the products available include Citrine Orgone Pyramid, Citrine Gemstone Orgone Carved Pocket Angel, Citrine Quartz Base Copper Wire Gemstone Money Tree, Citrine Silver Wire Gemstone Money Tree among many others.

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