Balance your Crown Chakra with Rainbow Moonstone

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Orgonite devices are designed using the same technology and principles used by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Reich was the first to discover orgone energy and its many healing properties. Dr. Reich designed the orgone energy accumulator so that people could be benefitted from its various healing properties.

Orgonite can come in various shapes and forms, including orgonite pyramid, gemstone tree, and orgonite pendant Some of the elements included in orgonite devices are orgonite crystals, resin, and other materials that generate positive energy. Orgonite crystal is known for its healing properties, mainly balancing the chakras and promoting the flow of orgone energy. 

There are many orgonite crystals used for healing purposes, among which one is Rainbow Moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone, also sometimes known as Labradorite, is a popular orgonite crystal known for its many healing properties. The ancients used Rainbow Moonstone as jewelry and they associated the stone with their Lunar Gods.

Rainbow Moonstone is an orgonite crystal that helps in boosting your physical, mental, and spiritual energies. It helps in boosting feminine energies, which makes the stone good for ladies. The energy emitted by the stone helps you in moving on in life easily even during difficult and trying times.

Another awesome property of Rainbow Moonstone is that it helps in balancing and healing the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the last of the seven chakras in our body. Also known as Sahasraara, the Crown chakra located at the crown of your head. It is the connection between you, the Universe, and the Divine, helping you realize that nothing is independent in this world and true harmony can only be achieved by staying connected. Rainbow Moonstone in orgonite pyramids, gemstone tree, or orgonite pendant helps in promoting harmony between the Crown Chakra and the other chakras.

One orgone energy generating device that is made of Rainbow Moonstone, and available at Orgonite Crystals, the most trusted online store for orgonite devices, crystals, and more, is the Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Money Tree Feng Shui Bonsai with Orgone Pyramid Base. This awesome orgonite helps us in finding and realizing our true nature.

Rainbow Moonstone gemstone tree helps in relieving stress and keeping us calm. It soothes us and helps in alleviating fear, especially when we are traveling over water. Rainbow Moonstone helps connect us to the divine inspiration and channel it into our intuition. Rainbow Moonstone also helps in healing the Sacral and the Third-Eye chakras.

This gemstone tree attracts luck and fortune into your life. Along with it, the gemstone tree also brings strength and clarity to the intellect to you. Other properties include promoting concentration and memory retention, providing you with better emotional strength, spreading compassion, and so on.

The Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Money Tree Feng Shui Bonsai with Orgone Pyramid Base can be placed in your room or office in order to enjoy its many benefits. The gemstone tree with pyramid base is completely handmade by local artisans in India. Each stone is infused with powerful positive energy. The Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Money Tree Feng Shui Bonsai with Orgone Pyramid Base can be purchased for $20.98.

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