Unakite Crystal Carvings Gemstone Figures Spiritual Angel

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  1. Heart Chakra Harmonization: The Unakite Gemstone Angel, precisely sculpted to 2-2.5 inches, is celebrated for its ability to harmonize the Heart Chakra. It fosters emotional balance, compassion, and nurturing love, both for oneself and others, promoting healthy relationships.

  2. Supports Physical Healing: Unakite's healing properties are believed to support the body's recovery process, particularly aiding in the growth of healthy tissue and promoting the smooth functioning of the reproductive system. It's an excellent aid for convalescence and maintaining overall physical health.

  3. Fosters Emotional Resilience: This angelic figure made of Unakite empowers one to release pent-up emotions and overcome obstacles to emotional growth. It encourages patience and persistence, helping individuals to navigate life's challenges with grace.

  4. Enhances Spiritual and Psychic Insights: The Unakite angel aids in the opening of the third eye, and spiritual insights. It assists in grounding the information received from the spiritual realm into the physical plane, making it a valuable tool for meditative practices and spiritual exploration.

  5. Promotes Peaceful and Restorative Sleep: Keeping a Unakite angel nearby during sleep can help in achieving a state of deep relaxation and peaceful, restorative sleep. It's known to facilitate the resolution of unresolved emotional issues through dreams, promoting inner harmony.