Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tree - Feng Shui Tree - Crystal Home Decor - Silver Wire Size: 10-12 Inch

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  • Lapis Lazuli Money Tree Specification - A handmade wire bonsai tree in India, beaded with natural lapis lazuli crystals. The foundation of this feng shui figurine is made of wood, which keeps the proper balance of this chakra tree. The middle portion (trunk) is made with m-seal and the branches are made of silver wire. The natural lapis lazuli crystals are beautifully embedded in the wire bonsai tree. Sizing approximately 10-12 inches, the divine tree is fully customizable.
  • About the lapis lazuli chakra healing crystal - Lapis lazuli is a crystal that has its origin in ancient times. It is a chakra healing crystal, known for its deep and mysterious energy. Lapis lazuli crystal has been used since antiquity due to its chakra healing properties. The water element & shimmering blue hue of this crystal purifies negative energy and fills it with positive energy. Due to its high positive energy, the crystal tree is recommended to keep in one's home or office.
  • Reiki Chakra Healing With Lapis Lazuli Feng Shui Bonsai Tree of Life - lapis lazuli crystal had been used in antiquity because of his healing properties of the chakras. Lapis lazuli crystal tree is efficient in healing both the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. The blue lapis lazuli crystal stands for royalty, nobility & honesty. The semi-precious stone brings clarity, trust, and self-expression to those who lack these properties, through the healing of the throat chakra.
  • Good Luck Fortune Wishmaking Money Tree - Lapis lazuli crystal money tree can be used to help you attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things. Also known as the wish-making money tree, this feng shui buddhist figurine is said to grant wishes true. Crystal tree promotes positivity, confidence and helps in removing the negative energy, thus bringing good luck to the surroundings. Recommended to place on your office desk, or coffee table to attract good luck, wealth, & prosperity.
  • Feng Shui Placement - Following the feng shui, this reiki chakra healing prosperity buddha tree attracts and brings good luck to your surroundings. It is held that this feng shui bonsai buddha figurine can bring good fortune and money based on the specific placements of the room. It is recommended to use it is as a room decor item for your home or office. If you want to succeed in the wealth area, place the bonsai prosperity in your front office table.