Green Jade Crystal Tree - Feng Shui Decor - Citrine Money Tree - Silver Wire Size: 10-12 Inch

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  • Green Jade Crystal Tree Specs - A wonderful chakra healing masterpiece from the coasts of India. From a crystal gemstone to the final product, with pure craftsmanship, this reiki buddha tree is filled with healing energy. Symbolizing like a blooming tree, this feng shui bonsai figurine's branches are beaded amidst natural green jade crystals. The base of this home decorative item is made from wood. The trunk is made of m-seal & branches are built from silver wires, making it approx 10-12 inch.
  • Reiki Chakra Healing - Strong in spiritual vibes, the green jade prosperity tree is hugely connected to the heart chakra. This feng shui sculpture stone will flush out the negative energies and infuse positive energy. It will harmonize your inner energy to the wider world. The green jade chakra tree will infuse your surrounding with vibrating healing power. This bonsai tree balances the heart chakra, where our trust, love, and compassion dwell.
  • Why Green Jade Gemstone Tree - This bonsai tree provides harmony and balance to the heart chakra. In feng shui, jade has been used for centuries for its ability to create a serene sense of harmony and balance. Jade is also used as good luck for feng shui stone. This chakra tree attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. It has a soothing purity, and this crystal tree is all about accepting, loving, and becoming wise.
  • Green Jade Buddha Tree for Gifting Purposes - This gemstone tree is a perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to the anniversary. You can gift this chakra tree to anyone including your friends or family. The bonsai tree purifies the negative energies and fills them with positivity. Useful for heart chakra and energy healing, this prosperity tree not only enhances the visuals of the surroundings but also has added healing benefits.
  • Note - All our chakra trees are made by hand using natural crystals. We positioned every effort into delivering you the maximum efficient bonsai trees, both for gifting functions, decoration purposes, or self-use. There can be a mild deviation as this feng shui bonsai figurine is hand-crafted, because now not all-natural crystals include the identical form and length. You may get a comparable item as shown in the image.