Triple Protection Crystal Orgonite Pyramid for Positive Energy

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PRODUCT SIZE: The Grey aventurine Chakra ball healing stick includes the yellow stone. The size is 8.5-9 Inch approx

MULTI PURPOSE USES: Gray aventurine Seven Chakra stone beautiful colorful decorative healing stick for home decor, gift item for your friends and relatives, gift for special days like birthday, anniversary, crystal set, reiki healing, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, gift item, handmade. This reduces the negative energy and converts it into positive energy generator stone, aura cleansing, increase the peace, wealth, prosperity, good luck gemstone. Chakra decor item attracts money and wealth.

Gemstones have attracted people since ancient times, and have long been used for jewelry and home decor. Crystal Healing proponents believe that crystals and reiki gemstone have properties that facilitate all chakras balancing and healing. Many times working with multiple chakras via energy work, wearing or carrying related crystals, using related stones, or other methods, brings a synergy that working with a single chakra could not as easily reach.