Chakra Tree of Life - Chakra Healing Stones - Good Luck Gifts - Golden Wire Size: 10-12 Inch

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  • SPECIFICATION OF THE MIX CHAKRA GEM TREE: A beautifully handcrafted mixed chakra tree with a mixture of five different gemstones & crystals. The base of this chakra tree is made up of wood which provides stability to this buddha tree. The trunk is covered with M-seal and the branches are made of golden wires which you can customize according to your liking, as they can be foldable and twistable. The total size of this buddha tree is approximately 10-12 inches.
  • REIKI HEALING & USES OF CHAKRA TREE: The crystal tree heals the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. The divine tree heals and opens the three chakra points, and promotes positive vibes to its surroundings In feng shui, this tree is used to attract good luck and money, so you can also place this tree on your office desk and step up your business.
  • MIX CHAKRA TREE PROPERTIES: This divine tree consists of 5 stones that are associated with the 7 chakras. It heals and balances the flow of all the chakras. The first one is the root chakra,2nd is the sacral chakra, 3rd is the solar plexus chakra, 4th is the heart chakra also known as the Anahata chakra, 5th is the throat chakra also known as the visuddha chakra, 6th is the third eye chakra, and the 7th is the crown chakra.
  • GOOD LUCK FORTUNE WISHMAKING MONEY TREE - The mix chakra crystal money tree can be used to help you attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things. Also known as the wish-making money tree, this feng shui Buddhist figurine is said to grant wishes true. Crystal tree promotes positivity, confidence and helps in removing the negative energy, thus bringing good luck to the surroundings. Recommended to place on your office desk, or coffee table to attract good luck, wealth, prosperity.