Unlock your Third Eye’s Potential with these Crystal Stones

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The Third Eye is one of the seven chakras in our body. It is an important chakra that must be in balance with the other six chakras if we are to experience better health in body, mind, and emotion. The best and most effective way to balance our chakras is by using orgonite devices. Orgonite devices like the orgone chakra healing pendant, orgonite pyramid, gemstone angel help in generating positive energy and balancing the chakras.

Third Eye Chakra

Also known as Ajna, the Third Eye chakra is the all-seeing chakra. It is located at the center of our forehead, looking inside us and around us, traveling far across to where our eyes and vision cannot reach. The Third Eye chakra provides us with access to our inner wisdom and deepest knowledge. We also refer to the Third Eye as the sixth sense and it is represented by the color indigo.

Like all other chakras, the Third Eye chakra is also associated with different organs in our body and ensures its proper functioning. When the chakra is not in balance with the other chakras, we start developing certain health conditions, which include:

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Frustration
  • Feeling helpless

Healing the Third Eye chakra is important for experiencing a healthy and balanced life. Crystal stones help in balancing the Third Eye chakra and aligning it with the others. Let us take a look at some of the best crystal stones used in orgonite devices that heal and unlock the potential of the Third Eye.

Crystal Stones for Third Eye

  1. Amethyst 

    Amethyst is one of the best crystal stones that protect and heal you. Amethyst helps in awakening your spiritual senses and establishing a connection with yourself and the divine. Amethyst helps in easing your frustrations and promoting better sleep at night. For the best benefits, try out the
    Amethyst gemstone angel.

  2. Lapis Lazuli 

    Another gemstone that is known to promote calmness and serenity is the royal Lapis Lazuli. The crystal stone helps us engage in converstaion that is honest and open. Lapis Lazuli helps in opening your mind and filling it with wisdom. Purchase our
    Lapis Lazuli orgonite pyramid and enjoy its many benefits in life.

  3. Clear Quartz 

    Clear Quartz is known as the master healer as it can heal all the chakras, including the Third Eye chakra. What Clear Quartz crystal stone brings is clarity to the mind and keeps your thoughts clear. Purchase Clear Quartz orgone chakra healing pendant to heal your chakras and experience positive energy.

  4. Black Tourmaline 

    Black Tourmaline is the gemstone of purity. Though it is known to heal the Root chakra, it can heal our bodyand the chakras from head to toe. Some of the properties associated with the crystal stone include bringing clarity and focus to the mind. Shop for
    Black Tourmaline orgonite pyramid from Orgonite Crystals.

These are some of the crystal stones that help in healing the Third eye chakra and unlocking its true potential. For purchasing authentic orgonite devices made with 100% natural crystal stones, visit Orgonite Crystals. We have an amazing collection of orgone chakra healing pendant, orgonite pyramid, gemstone angel devices available at reasonable prices. Shop now!

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