Seven Chakra Gemstone Angel for Balanced Chakras and Protection

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From a very young age, we are taught that angels guard and protect us. Even though we have not seen angels, we believe in them. However, sometimes our beliefs start taking shape and we see angels before us. It is for those who believe in angels and wish to see them that we have an amazing product - Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel.

Gemstone angels are orgonite devices carved in the shape of an angel. Orgonite devices come in various shapes including orgonite pyramids, orgonite pendants, orgonite necklaces, gemstone trees, and many more. Orgonite generates orgone energy, a life force energy similar to chi and prana, which has a positive effect and benefits our lives.

What helps orgonite devices like gemstone trees, gemstone angels, pyramids, and others to benefit our lives is the integral element these devices are made of - gemstones. Gemstone have been used from the ancient days for their amazing protective and healing benefits. Each gemstone plays a crucial role in balancing our chakras and ensuring better health.

The Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel is an orgonite that helps in balancing the seven chakras in the body and promotes a better flow of orgone energy. This gemstone angel contains seven different gemstones. Each gemstone balances and heals each chakra and the seven gemstones combine together to heal all the chakras in the body. As each chakra is associated with different organs and glands in the body, balancing the chakras can lead to a healthy mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

The gemstones in this orgonite device help in absorbing the negative energies from our surroundings and converting them into powerful positive energy. The energy emitted from orgonite devices is not only beneficial for humans, but also for all living things such as pets and plants.

Apart from shielding against negative energies, the gemstone angels also helps in promoting self-awareness, self-expression, and realize inner truth. Being in constant contact with the gemstone angels can provide you with better qualities like compassion, honesty, and increase your morality. It prevents you from engaging in things that are not morally acceptable.

The Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel is an amazing gift if you choose to give it to your near and dear ones. It generates positive energy in its nearby surroundings and promotes peace and tranquility, thereby being something you can use while meditating and crystal healing rituals.

Some other benefits associated with this gemstone angels are boosting concentration and memory, which makes it ideal for kids and students, as well as professionals. In short, this is an ideal orgonite that benefits the young and old alike.

The Seven Chakra Gemstone Carved Orgone Pocket Angel can be purchased from Orgonite Crystals in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes. The compact size ensures that you can carry this handmade gemstone angel anywhere with you. The 2-inch orgonite costs $10.99 while the 3-inch gemstone angel can be purchased for $14.99. Shop now!

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