Precious Peridot - the Gemstone for August

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How can you make sure that the new month will turn out to be favorable? The answer is simple, just buy a gemstone that is associated with the month. As we have entered the month of August, it is time to learn more about Peridot, one of the crystals associated with this month. This article helps you learn all about the amazing gemstone Peridot.


Peridot is believed to be one of the most ancient stones known to man. Even though it was not highly regarded in the early days, Peridot has become one of the most important gemstones and is widely used in orgonite devices like orgonite pyramids, orgone chakra healing pendants, and more. 

It is believed that there are records of mining Peridot as early as 1500 B.C. The gemstone has a distinctive hue that ranges from golden green to olive green. Peridot is formed in the earth’s core and brought to the surface by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Also known as “the poor man’s emerald”, the stone is however not humble, but a lively and warm stone. Peridot also comes with many healing and protective properties, which makes it one of the best stones to cast orgonite pyramids, orgone chakra healing pendants, and other devices.

Peridot Properties

As mentioned above, what makes Peridot amazing is the many wonderful properties it boasts of. One of the properties associated with it is promoting strength and balance. Peridot was used as talismans in the early days and it helped in boosting the physical, spiritual, and mental strength of the wearers.

The Peridot stone is associated with the sun, which makes it a dispeller of darkness and evil. It also helps in dispelling fear and overcoming cowardice, thereby helping you tackle the challenges in life. Peridot gemstone also helps detoxify your body and ensure the health of your liver, gall bladder, and other organs.

Peridot is associated with the Heart Chakra, one of the most important chakras in the body. Heart Chakra is the seat of love and it opens us completely to receive and give love without any conditions. It also helps us to let go of anxiety and negative emotions.

Peridot gemstone also helps in protecting against negative emotions and energies that affect our sleep and other activities. By absorbing negative energy and converting them into positive energy, Peridoit ensures that we are healthy in body, mind, spirit, amnd emotion.

Peridot Orgonite

Orgonite devices made of Peridot gemstone, like the orgone chakra healing pendants, orgonite pyramids, and others are some of the most sought after orgonite devices. At Orgonite Crystals we have amazing orgonite devices, among which two are Peridot Orgone Pyramid and Orgonite Peridot Pyramid.

These orgonite devices are handmade by local artisans in India using 100% natural and genuine Peridot gemstones. The Peridot Orgone Pyramid Chakra Point is available for $15.99 and the Orgonite Peridot Pyramid is available for $23.99.

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